Berlin: Helipad 1028

HSLP / HLP 1028

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!
Coordinates: N523011 E0133403 (WGS84)
Map: Google Maps


Germany during the Cold War

Location of airfield

Berlin Biesdorf, in the area Apollofalterallee/Kohlweißlingstr/Distelfalterstr.

Use during the Cold War

Helipad 1028 for Engineering Construction Bataillon 22 (PiBB-22) of former East German Ministry of National Defense (MfNV).

Current use


Runways, Taxiways, Aprons

Dimensions: 500 m x 200 m,
main takeoff and landing direction: 90°, 270°,
surface: grass,
capacity: 4 helicopters.

Airspace and Procedures

Usable at day and night during good weather conditions.
Alert time: 30 minutes.




The Engineering Construction Bataillon 22 (Pionierbaubataillon 2) was directly subordinated to the East German Ministry of National Defense.
Data for PiBB-2:
- Address: Lindenstr. 4
- Post Box: 82810
- NVA object number: 15/187
The deployment of East German military units and the establishment of the helipad was illegal, as it violated the Berlin status.

Airfields in the vicinity

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