Schönefeld: Berlin Schönefeld Airport

Zentralflughafen Berlin-Schönefeld, SXF

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The history of the Cold War airfields: Schönefeld
by Bert Kondruss

The Gutsbahn / Henschelbahn railway Berlin-Grünau - Bohnsdorf - Diepensee


To supply the Diepensee Manor, a horse-drawn railway was built, starting at the Berlin-Gruenau train station, the so-called Gutsbahn. Later the newly built Henschel factory aerodrome in Schoenefeld was connected on the eastern side via this route and thus it received the name Henschelbahn. After the Second World War, the line was active for a few years until it was replaced by the so-called Kerosene Railway south of Bohnsdorf.


The railway tracks at Schoenefeld Airport in the 1940s/1950s
The railway tracks at Schoenefeld Airport in the 1940s/1950s - blue: railway lines, green: Henschelbahn railway, yellow: airfield tracks, purple: tram. (AMS M841 GSGS 4414, Courtesy Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University /BYU/)

Aerial pictures from 1953

The aerial photos show the Henschelbahn railroad from Berlin-Grünau station to the city border near Bohnsdorf. The track is marked by arrows.
(Source: Geoportal Berlin, Luftbilder 1953, Maßstab 1:22 000)
Henschelbahn Bahnhof Berlin Grünau Gründerstraße
Berlin-Grünau train station / Gründerstraße
Henschelbahn Berlin-Bohnsdorf Buntzelstraße
Railroad crossing at the crossroads Buntzelstraße / Grottewitzstr./Waltersdorfer Str./Schulzendorfer Straße
Henschelbahn Berlin-Bohnsdorf Dahmestraße
Bohnsdorf: Binswanger Steig - Volkshaus - Dahmestraße
Henschelbahn Berlin-Bohnsdorf Hundsfelder Straße
Dahmestraße - Hundsfelder Str - Siebweg
Henschelbahn Siebweg
Siebweg - Parchwitzer Str. - Is there a train visible at the red arrow?


Pictures 2004

The following pictures show the route of the former Henschelbahn in Berlin-Bohnsdorf in 2004.
Gutsbahn: Berlin Bohnsdorf Binwanger Steig
Binswanger Steig
Wissenschaftlichen Institut der Zivilverteidigung Berlin Bohnsdorf
The route passed the later "Scientific Institute of Civil Defense"
Gutsbahn Berlin Bohnsdorf Dahmestraße Hundsfelder Straße
Dahmestraße and Hundsfelder Straße. The middle promenade of Hundsfelder Str. marks the former route.
Gutsbahn Hundsfelder Straße in Berlin Bohnsdorf
Hundsfelder Straße
Diesel locomotive Berlin Bohnsdorf
Diesel locomotive on a playground on the former line at Hundsfelder Str. and Siebweg
Hundesfelder Straße
Continuation beyond Siebweg
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