Schönefeld: Berlin Schönefeld Airport

Zentralflughafen Berlin-Schönefeld, SXF

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Cold War Airfields: Schönefeld
by Bert Kondruss
Coordinates: N522241 E0133111 (WGS84) Google Maps
Elevation: 154 ft
Location Indicator: EDXS (196x), ETBS (197x-199x), EDDB (199x-)


Germany during the Cold War

Usage until 1945

Airfield of Henschel aircraft factory.

Usage during the Cold War

Used by Soviet forces. Later international airport for East Berlin and home base for East German Deutsche Lufthansa and Interflug respectivly. Base for Il-62 of Transport Wing 44 (TG-44 / TFG-44) of East German Air Force (LSK/LV) for VIP transport.

Use today

One of 2 airports for Berlin. Reconstruction of a new airport Berlin-Brandenburg International (BER).


US military map from 1952

Schönefeld airport on a US map from 1952 - (AMS M841 GSGS 4414, Courtesy Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University /BYU/)

East German map from the 1960s

The map and the aerial picture from the East German field manual "A 042/1/003 Auswertung von Luftbildern" from 1973. Possibly for the purpose of disguise, they were printed upside down.
The former northern runway (top right) seems to be completed, so the picture is possibly taken after 1965. The parallel taxiway K does not exist yet. The remains of the old runway still show markings (center of the picture). On the northern apron some aircrafts can be seen: two Il-18 (?), one Il-14 (?), one An-24 (?) and two passenger jets with rear engines. On the southern apron (shown on top) two Il-18 (?), one An-24 (?) and 4 other aircrafts.


Data for the year 1960 (Source: old approach map at Die alte INTERFLUG im www)
  • 05/23: 2370 m x 60 m (50 m)
  • 09/27: 500 m x 60 m
  • 15/33: 800 m x 60 m
Data for the 1970s and 1980s:
  • 07R/25L: 3000 m x 60 m Concrete
  • 07L/25R: 2700 m x 60 m Concrete
The former main runway 05/23 was put out of operation ca. in 1964. A part of it was still available as taxiway C and was used to park aircrafts.
Runway 25L was equipped for category II operations from approximately the end of the 1970s.
The take-off positions for 07R and 25L were displaced for about 200 m. The full length could be used on request.

Taxiways, aprons

During the 1970s and 1980s:
Taxiway K to runway 25R was closed for aircraft with a wingspan exceeding 50 m, except for DC-10 and Il-76.

Radio beacons

During the 1950s:
  • NDB: 300 "AB", 044°/0,9 NM
During the 1980s:
  • ILS25R: 110.3 "SLR"
  • ILS25L: 109.9 "SLL"
  • LOM: 299 "SL"
  • LMM: 430 "S"
  • ILS07R: 110.7 "MWR"
  • LOM: 309 "MW"
  • LMM: 430 "M"


During the 1970s:
En-Route Radar (RSR) and Aerodrome Surveillance Radar (ASR) in the western part of the field. Precision Approach Radar (PAR) for runways 07R/25L and 07L/25R.
During the 1980s:
ASR south of the field, PAR for runway 07L/25R.

Radio communication

Data for the 1950s:
The Soviet radio post was working on 4150 kcs with the call sign BELKA.
During the 1980s:
  • Schönefeld ATIS 125.9
  • Schönefeld Approach 119.5
  • Schönefeld Director 121.3
  • Schönefeld Tower 121.3
  • Schönefeld Taxi 121.6
  • Schönefeld VOLMET 128.4
  • Interflug Berlin 131.7
  • Interflug Berlin HF 4745, 6753, 8984, 11237, 13225, 15046, 17975, 23225
The HF radio station "Interflug Berlin" was also used by aircrafts of the military transport wing TG-44 for phone patches to their command post.


During the 1980s:
  • Verkehrsflug Operativzentrum 672-4001
  • Agrarflug Operativzentrum 678-8221 (Fluggespräche), -8262
  • Interflug Betrieb Fernerkundung, Industrie- und Forschungsflug 672-7881, -7817
  • Approach Control 672-7531
  • Control Tower 672-7536
  • ATCC 678-8265 (Fluggespräche), 672-4187, -7522
  • Met office 672-3855, 678-8288
  • MdI / Volkspolizei Diensthabender Flugleiter der Hubschrauberstaffel Sondernetz / Stabsnetz S1 2432-4102 (Anschluss MdI Hauptnachrichtenzentrale)
  • Betriebsschutz Schönefeld "Toni 26" über PdVP Berlin 50
  • NVA Teile TG-44 Sondernetz / Stabsnetz S1 24401
  • Gästehaus Flughafen Schönefeld Ministeranlage des MfNV Apparat 310

Additional information

See German version for more information.


Terminal (2007)
The beginning of the former northern runway 25R shortly before going out of operation in 2007.
Buildings (2005)
Buildings (2005)



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