Bonn: Airfield / Army Heliport AHP

Bad Godesberg-Plittersdorf

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CoordinatesN504236 E0070921 ca. (WGS84) Google Maps
Elevation 155 ft
Federal stateNordrhein-Westfalen (North Rhine-Westphalia)
Location indicatorEDOJ
Map with location of Bonn Bad Godesberg Airfield / Army Heliport AHP, Germany
Germany during the Cold War Map
The history of the Cold War airfields: Bonn


In Bonn Bad Godesberg was a small US Army landing ground and helipad for the US Embassy. A use is documented for the 1960s and 1970s. It is unclear exactly when the site was closed; it was probably out of operation as early as the 1980s. Today, there are no remains of the simple airfield.

Location of airfield

The grass runway ran parallel to today's Von-Sandt-Ufer. It began near the south-eastern tip of today's Auensee and ended near the old waterworks.

During the Cold War


Landing ground and later helipad of the US Army for the US embassy.

In the 1960s


  • 13/31: 400 m Grass

Airspace and procedures

Instructions from 1963:
For helicopter: Approach and departure direction at pilot's discretion. Traffic pattern away from the housing area. The airfield is unattended. Prior Permission Only (PPO) via US Embassy Mehlem telephone 3337 or 3367.
For aircraft: Traffic pattern over the river away from the housing area. Closed to U-8 aircraft. Strip rough. VIP traffic only. Prior Permission Only (PPO) from USAREUR liaison officer telephone Mehlem 3337 or 3367 or from Aviation Officer telephone Mehlem 3746.



Closed. The site has been completely dismantled.


Aerial image Bonn Army Airfield, 2016
Aerial image (2016) - 1: Location of former runway, today completely dismantled.
Source: Datenquelle: Land NRW (2019) Datenlizenz Deutschland - Namensnennung - Version 2.0



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