Prötzel: Helipad 3112

HSLP / HLP 3112

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CoordinatesN524008 E0135833 (WGS84) Google Maps
Former East Germany (GDR)District of Frankfurt/O
Federal stateBrandenburg
Map with location of Prötzel Helipad 3112, Germany
Germany during the Cold War Map
The history of the Cold War airfields: Prötzel


Prötzel is a small village in Brandenburg, about 40 km north-northeast of the Berlin city center in the Barnim. In GDR times there was an air defence missile site of the National People's Army NVA, which was equipped with missiles of the type SA-2 Guideline (S-75), about 4 km northwest of the village. For this unit a helipad was registered, which is described below.

Location of airfield

3,5 km north-northwest of Prötzel.

During the Cold War


Helipad 3112, Anti-aircraft missile unit 4122 (FRA-4122) of former East German Air Force (NVA LSK/LV).


Anti-aircraft missile site, Prötzel, East Germany, 1979
The Prötzel anti-aircraft missile site on a US satellite image from 16 May 1979 - The missile site is located west-southwest of the village Sternebeck (4). The facility consists of a hexagonal launch site (1) typical for the type SA-2 Guideline (S-75) and another launcher site, which is apparently under construction (2). To the west is the technical zone (3).
Source: U.S. Geological Survey
East German military war headquarter Harnekop - This underground facility is not directly related to the anit-aircraft missile site, but was located in the vicinity. The picture shows the facility (1) approx. 3 years after commissioning. To the southeast Sternebeck (2) can be seen again, to the east is Harnekop (3).

Runways, taxiways, aprons

Dimensions: 110 m x 50 m,
surface: sand,
usable without crop damage,
capacity: 1 helicopter


Stabsnetz S1 2734-759-57

Airspace and procedures

Usable at day and good weather conditions.
Alert time: 60 minutes


Fire guard tower: direction 68°, distance 750 m;
Mast: 40 m;
around the helipad fence and high voltage protection.



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