Böblingen: Maintenance Facility Army Heliport AHP

Flugplatz Böblingen, Flughafen Stuttgart-Böblingen, Flugfeld

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Coordinates: N484125 E0085945 (WGS84)
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Federal state of Baden-Württemberg.

1915 until 1918: Air Base

Airfield Map

Aerial image from 28 August 1917 - The airfield is marked in the south. In the north on Sindelfingen's territory, there was the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) aircraft factory, which limits cannot be clearly determined. Apparently there was no direct connection between the maneuvering areas, because there are waters between the airfield and the aircraft factory /LABW 1-841405-1/
Airfield map from 1918? - /LABW 1-840843-1/
Enlargement northeastern part - The hangar numbers shown here differ from those shown in the photos /LABW 1-840843-1/
Enlargement southern part near the train station - The railway connection is marked with a dashed line, for which the two building parts had to be demolished, through which it passes /LABW 1-840843-1/
Aerial picture from 21 August 1918 looking northeast - Bottom right is the Böblingen train station, in the upper left the hall of the aircraft factory in Sindelfingen /LABW 1-840838-1/


Pictures from the airfield

/LABW 1-840787-1/
Enlargement: In the foreground possibly an Albatros D V aircraft:
/LABW 1-840787-1/
In the northeast corner:
/LABW 1-840788-1/
Enlargement: Field railway:
/LABW 1-840788-1/
Aerial picture from 30 January 1918:
/LABW 1-840800-1/
Enlargement 30 Januar 1918:
Two hangars are still under construction. The red marked building parts will be demolished a little later for the railway connection /LABW 1-840800-1 /
Aerial picture from 05 April 1918:
/LABW 1-840809-1/
Enlargement 05 April 1918:
Böblingen train station and entrance to the airfield. The hangars are finished. Two freight cars testify that the railway connection is now passable, the building parts have been demolished /LABW 1-840809-1/
Aerial picture from 26 September 1918:
Buildings in the southern part /LABW 1-840842-1/

Pictures from the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) aircraft factory in Sindelfingen

Aerial picture from 28 May 1918:
At the top left is the Daimler engine factory. On the right side of the hall is the Sindelfingen railway station /LABW 1-843342-1/
Enlargement: Aircraft in front of the hall:
/LABW 1-843342-1/
Enlargement: Incomplete aircraft:
There are field railroad tracks in the area /LABW 1-843342-1/
Sindelfingen aircraft factory on 21 August 1918.:
Meanwhile, a building has been erected in front of the hall /LABW 1-840838-1/

192x until 1945: Airport and air base


From the mid-1920s to the late 1930s, the field was used as "Stuttgart-Böblingen Regional Airport". After the civil aviation moved to the newly built Echterdingen Airport, Böblingen was exclusively used as an air base until 1945.

Airfield Map

Airfield map from 1928 - /FHB 1928/
Aerial picture from 1934 - The displayed "S" can be seen on the left edge.

Runways, Taxiways, Aprons

Good sod, shortest rolling distance 1000 m in direction southeast.
In the middle of the movement area smoke oven and "S" with ring of 8 cement segments spread evenly on a circle of 350 m radius from the center S. Landing sign is always displayed. Movement area boundary marked by red-white coated panels.
/FHB 1928/


Permanent night lighting not available. On request at aviation police station Böblingen, landing lights (torches). Land between two green to a red torch.
/FHB 1928/

Radio Communication

Call sign "aet". 1 transmitter for radio communication with airplanes. 1 direction finder (under construction).
/FHB 1928/


Aircraft hangars:
1 aircraft hangar 60 x 30 m,
1 aircraft hangar 66 x 22 m.
The halls have lifting devices with a load capacity of 0.5 and 1.0 t.
Workshops: Contain all machines and tools necessary to repair metal and wood aircraft. Electricity: 220 or 440 V three-phase current. 16 kW charging device. Spare parts for all aircraft and engine models of the Deutsche Luft Hansa in stock.
Fuel equipment: For 78000 and 92000 liters of petrol and benzene. Mixers, taps and tankers available.
Accommodation of passengers: In the airport hotel.
First aid in the case of accidents: medical room with healing assistant available. Nearest doctor in Böblingen (1/2 km distance).
Track connection: front and side ramp available.
Customs, post office, passport: Customs office and postal service with telephone and telephone telegram transmission available. Passport inspection by police watch.
Connections: Shuttle service at times of scheduled departures and landings. Taxi cabs can be ordered in the airport hotel.
/FHB 1928/


Since 1945: US Army Heliport for Böblingen Maintenance Facility


After the World War II, the site of the former airfield was used by the US Army, a maintenance facility was operated here. This plant had a helicopter landing pad, which had been shown in US documents since the mid-1970s.

Airfield Map

Böblingen helipad on a VFR map from the US DoD from 1984. It can be seen that the helipad was located within the Stuttgart control zone.

Radio Communication

For landing, Nellingen Radio shall be called (mid-1980s), later Stuttgart Base Ops (early 1990s).


Military 2725-263/894 (mid 1970s),
Military 2725-409/894 (early 1980s),
Military 2725-425/789 (mid 1980s),
ETS 431-2425/2789 (early 1990s).

Airspace and Procedures

Prior permission required 24 h.
Noise abatement: Avoid overflight of built-up areas below 2500 ft MSL.


Pictures from 2001, nearly 10 years after the US Army left the site.
Main Gate:
The old sign is still there.
In 2001, the area was mainly used to store cars.
Old Tower:
The road conditions seem ok today.


Use today

Closed, today development area "Flugfeld".


Picture from 2005
In 2005, a wind sock is standing on the old airfield. Why?





  • /FHB 1928/:
    : "Flughandbuch für das Deutsche Reich" Herausgegeben vom Reichsverkehrsministerium (1928)

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