Eisenhüttenstadt: Airfield


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CoordinatesN521140 E0143540 (WGS84) Google Maps
Former East Germany (GDR)District of Frankfurt/O
Federal stateBrandenburg
Location indicatorEDAE
Map with location of Eisenhüttenstadt Airfield, GDR
Germany during the Cold War Map
The history of the Cold War airfields: Eisenhüttenstadt

Location of airfield

1,7 km northeast of Pohlitz.

During the Cold War


Main use:
  • Airfield of former East German pre-military organization "Gesellschaft für Sport und Technik" (GST) for glider training.
  • Helipad 3191 for Radar Maintenance Facility 31 (FuMW-31) of East German Air Force (NVA LSK/LV).
  • Helipad 6012 of former East German National People's Army (NVA).
The Radar Maintenance Facility 31 was subordinated to the 1st Air Defense Division (1. LVD) and had its location in Eisenhüttenstadt, An der Unterschleuse, installation number 05/113.

In the 1970s


Eisenhüttenstadt Airfield, East Germany, on a US satellite image 1979
Eisenhüttenstadt Airfield on a US satellite image from 16 May 1979 - 1: airfield; at that time there was no paved runway. Other objects: a: waterworks (mentioned as an obstacle); b: highway Fernverkehrsstraße 112; c: Ziltendorf railway station; d: Eisenhüttenkombinat Ost steelworks marshalling yard; e: Oder-Spree Canal; f: two 110 kV high-voltage power lines. Other: The lakes Kleiner Pohlitzer See and Großer Pohlitzer See already existed before the Eisenhüttenkombinat Ost Combine steelworks was built.
Source: U.S. Geological Survey

In the 1980s and early 1990s

Runways, taxiways, aprons

  • 09/27: 1000 m Grass
  • 18/36: 800 m Grass
Main takeoff and landing direction for military helipads: 245°..300°

Radio communication

122.0, call sign "Aero Hütte".


Stabsnetz S1 9446-859



Airspace and procedures

Helipads 3191, 6012: Usable at day during good weather conditions,
Alert time: 60 minutes


Forrest: height 10-15 m
Waterworks: height 15 m
Hangar: height 8 m



General aviation.



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