Brandis Air Base


Brandis: Air Base

Waldpolenz Air Base, Аэродром Брандис

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!
CoordinatesN511941 E0123917 (WGS84) Google Maps
Elevation 538 ft
Former East Germany (GDR)District of Leipzig
Federal stateSachsen (Saxony)
Map with location of Brandis Air Base, Germany
Germany during the Cold War Map
The history of the Cold War airfields: Brandis

During World War II


Luftwaffe airbase (Fliegerhorst).


Brandis on a US map from 1944
Brandis on a US map from 1944
Source: McMaster University Library Digital Archive, Lizenz: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 CC BY-NC 2.5 CA


Brandis air base on a US map from 1955 or 1958 - The runway is clearly visible, as are facilities of the old air base and the connecting railway.
Source: AMS M841 GSGS 4414, Courtesy Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University

During the Cold War


Soviet airbase.

In the 1950s


  • May 1954
    Relocation of the Ground Attack Regiment Brandis (PFN 36 764) to Finsterwalde

In the 1960s


Brandis Air Base, Germany, on a US satellite image 1965
Brandis Air Base and surroundings on a US satellite image from 14 March 1965 - 1: airfield; 2: approach lane through the woods. Other places: Altenbach, Bennewitz, Leulitz, Machern, Polenz, Zeititz. The landscape is covered with snow.
Source: U.S. Geological Survey
Brandis airfield, Germany
Brandis airfield - The picture is a bit wavy
Source: U.S. Geological Survey
Buildings in the northwest
Buildings in the northwest
Source: U.S. Geological Survey
Buildings and hangars, Brandis
Buildings and hangars - 1: Railway siding
Source: U.S. Geological Survey
Hangars in the northeast
Hangars in the northeast
Source: U.S. Geological Survey
Soviet helicopters, Brandis Air Base, Germany
Parked helicopters
Source: U.S. Geological Survey
Facilities in the southeast
Facilities in the southeast
Source: U.S. Geological Survey



Brandis Soviet Air Base, Germany, on a map 1972
Brandis Air Base on a map of the US Department of Defense from 1972
Source: ONC E-2 (1972), Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, University of Texas at Austin


Brandis and surroundings on 25 November 1970
Brandis and surroundings on a US satellite image from Wednesday 25 November 1970 - 1: airfield; 2: surface-to-air missile (SAM) site Beucha. Other facilities: a: A-tower (communication tower) near Machern. Other places: Altenbach, Gerichshain, Machern, Polenz.
Source: U.S. Geological Survey
Soviet airfield at Brandis, Germany, 1970
Brandis airfield
Source: U.S. Geological Survey
Surface-to-air missile (SAM) site near Beucha, Germany
Surface-to-air missile (SAM) site near Beucha
Source: U.S. Geological Survey

Radio beacons

  • LOM 26: 980 "CZ"
  • LMM 26: 483 "C"



  • 08/26: 2200m x 60m Concrete

Radio communication

The russian call sign for the airfield was ZAPAIKA (original notation in Cyrillic: ЗАПАЙКА).


Coordination between the ATC units LEIPZIG ... AND BRANDIS (as of 04/1986)
For historical information only. Not for navigation!
- Flüge am Flugplatz EILENBURG und auf den im TMA gelegenen Flugplätzen des GST und des AF mit den FSS MERSEBURG und BRANDIS abzustimmen.
Die APP LEIPZIG ist verpflichtet, der FSS BRANDIS folgende Informationen zu übergeben:
- Arbeitsbeginn und -ende der APP;
- Beginn und Ende der Flüge auf den im TMA gelegenen Flugplätzen 30 Minuten vor dem ersten Start bzw. unmittelbar mit Ende der Flüge;
- die Start- und Landerichtung auf dem Flughafen LEIPZIG.
Die FSS BRANDIS ist verpflichtet, der APP LEIPZIG folgende Informationen zu übergeben:
- Beginn und Ende der Flüge am Flugplatz BRANDIS sowie Einschränkungen für zivil kontrollierte Flüge in der Luftstraße B 51 im LSA MACHERN-TREBSEN-OSTRAU eine Stunde vor Beginn und unmittelbar mit Ende der Flüge am Flugplatz BRANDIS;
- den Wechsel der Startrichtung auf 076° (Landung aus 256°) und sich daraus ergebendes Verbot aller Flüge im Raum Ortschaft MACHERN-MARKRANSTÄDT-MARKKLEEBERG-Ortschaft MACHERN im Höhenbereich von 300 m AGL bis 2750 m STD - 30 Minuten vor Wechsel der Startrichtung sowie unmittelbar nach Übergang auf die Hauptrichtung sowie das Ende der Flüge.

Real property

Anti-aircraft missile site near Beucha.



Closed, the area is a solar park.


Pictures from 1994:
ATO Brandis
Tower, blast fence, Brandis airfield, Germany
Tower and blast fence



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