Midlum: Highway Strip

Notlandeplatz NLP, Neuenwalde

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!
CoordinatesN534306 E0083946 (WGS84) Google Maps
Elevation 80 ft
Map with location of Midlum Highway Strip, Germany
Germany during the Cold War Map
The history of the Cold War airfields: Midlum

Location of airfield

Autobahn A 27 between the exits Neuenwalde and Nordholz, approx. 5 km south of Nordholz Air Base.

During the Cold War


Emergency landing site on the motorway. The site was used by aircraft as part of an exercise shortly before the official opening of the motorway at the beginning of the 1980s


  • 18/36: 2200m


Images from 2009

The following pictures have been taken in April 2009, courtesy of Yannick Gurtner.
"Krempel" parking at the southern end, driving direction north to Nordholz.
Entry to
Entry to the parking
Krempel parking
NLP Midlum, Germany, Parking in the south
Nordholz / Neuenwalde emergency landing strip, Autobahn A 27
Looking back to the south
Motorway A 27, Nordholz / Neuenwalde highway strip
Exit from the parking to the highway strip
Midlum Highway Strip, Autobahn A 27
Look across the parking. The picture was created out of three pictures, with the help of AutoStich (www.autostitch.net).
Emergency landing strip
Highway Emergency Landling Site Midlum / Nordholz / Neuenwalde, Germany
On the highway strip, driving direction north
Parking at the northern end, driving direction south/Bremerhaven
Midlum parking, A 27 Germany
Entry to the parking from the north
A27, Midlum Highway Strip
Entry, as seen from the parking, direction north-northeast
Motorway A27, Midlum Emergency Landing Site
NLP Nordholz-Neuenwalde
Autobahn-Notlandeplatz Nordholz-Neuenwalde
The parking, looking south
Midlum Highway Strip
Exit from the parking to the highway strip
Midlum Autobahn Emergency Landing Strip, Germany
The highway strip looking south

Image from 2019

The following aerial photo was taken by Frank B., whom I thank very much!
Aerial photo Autobahn A 27 Midlum Highway Strip, Germany
Aerial photo of the northern parking lot "Midlum", view direction approximately southeast.
Source: Frank B., 2019


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