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CoordinatesN505837 E0111453 (WGS84) Google Maps
Former East Germany (GDR)District of Erfurt
Federal stateThüringen (Thuringia)
Map with location of Weimar Nohra Airfield, Germany
Germany during the Cold War Map
The history of the Cold War airfields: Nohra


Until 1945, Nohra was used as a Luftwaffe air base (Fliegerhorst). After the World War II, the airfield became a soviet helicopter base in East Germany. At the time of the withdrawal in the early 1990s, helicopters Mi-2, Mi-6, Mi-8 and Mi-24 were flown in various versions. The field had a short paved runway, a hangar and a radio beacon. Today the installation is closed and largely demolished.

During World War II


Luftwaffe airbase.


Nohra airfield, Germany, on a US map 1952
Nohra airfield on a US map from 1952
Source: AMS M841 GSGS 4414, Courtesy Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University

During the Cold War


Soviet heliport until 1992.


  • September 6th, 1988
    Observation by a team of the US Military Liaison Mission: "At Weimar-Nohra Soviet Airfield, on 6 September 1988, two hours of airfield operations, including loading, refueling aircraft and take-offs and landings of HIND and HIP were observed on an exceptionally clear day. Of particular significance were the vertical take-offs and landings of HING G1. Previously, it was believed HIND always used a rolling take-off." (Source: USMLM 1988)

In the 1970s


Nohra Soviet Airfield on a US map from 1972
Nohra Airfield on a map of the US Department of Defense from 1972 - The field is shown with an unpaved runway (small circle), which has a length of approx. 1.585 m (52 = 5.200 feet). The elevation / height above mean sea level is 984 feet.
Source: ONC E-2 (1972), Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, University of Texas at Austin


Nohra Airfield, GDR, on a US satellite image 1970
Nohra Airfield on a US satellite image from Tuesday 10 March 1970 - The landscape is snow-covered, the helicopter airfield (1) is hardly visible. The barracks (2) are well visible.
Source: U.S. Geological Survey
Satellite image Nohra Ulla, East Germany, 1976
Satellite image from Sunday 08 August 1976
Source: U.S. Geological Survey
Nohra Soviet heliport, East Germany
Source: U.S. Geological Survey
Weimar Nohra, GDR, Soviet Airfield
Airfield with less clouds, but also less contrast
Source: U.S. Geological Survey

In the 1980s and early 1990s


  • 06/24: 450 m Concrete

Radio beacons

  • LOM 24: 860 "ZQ"

Radio communication

Call sign: VOJEVODA (1990)


1990: ? OVE (Mi-2, Mi-6, Mi-8, Mi-24); 336 OBVP (Mi-8, Mi-24)


Weimar-Nohra, Airfield, Mi-24 helicopter operations in 1988
Weimar-Nohra, Airfield Operations in 1988 - Some Mi-24 HIND helicopters can be guessed.
Source: USMLM Unit History 1988





Source: GDI-Th, Freistaat Thüringen, TLVermGeo,
Datenlizenz Deutschland – Namensnennung – Version 2.0,
Aerial image Nohra Ulla
Aerial image (2014/2016) - 1: former airfield; 2: former barracks.
Former airfield
Former airfield
Former Nohra barracks, Germany
Former Nohra barracks




  • United States Military Liaison Mission: "Unit History 1988"


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