Map of airfields in the Thüringer Wald area, Germany

Airfields in the Thüringer Wald area, Germany

N5030 E01100
Active / old / lost / abandoned / disused / former airports, military and agricultural airfields and heliports
Federal state: Thüringen (Thuringia)
Former East Germany (GDR): District of Erfurt,
District of Gera
Region: Ilm,
Thüringer Wald,
Saale / Saaletal
Blankenhain: Airfield
Erfurt: Bindersleben Airport
Erfurt: Erfurt North Airport
Großobringen: Helipad 3012
Lehesten: Helipad 3178
Lonzig: Airfield
Nohra: Airfield
Remda: Helipad 3150
Rothenstein: Helipad
Schöps: Agricultural Helipad
Steinheid: Helipad 3175
Wormstedt: Airfield
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